Hue Jackson has dreams of what to do with No. 4

“Very similar, [but] two different players,” Dorsey said. “They play the game in different levels. Myles is such an athletic [player], to me, he’s more like Julius Peppers in terms of his movement skills and his length and how he plays. Chubb plays the game a little bit differently, but he’s still an unbelievable defensive prospect for this draft.”

And that’s the kind of thing that could keep the Browns up at night for the next month.

Koetter got a pass because of extenuating circumstances.

“When you start out a season and people are heading in 12 different directions in Week 1 because a hurricane is on its way and you go 16 weeks without a bye, and your quarterback is hurt and playing hurt and you’re not having success on the field, that’s when you learn about people,” Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer said, via Scott Reynolds of the Pewter Report. “Dirk was the same person through it all. He kept the team playing hard and we were in close games that didn’t go our way. Here’s what I know: I know up to the final whistle of the season and the final pass for a touchdown, our team was playing hard. That has something to do with the head coach.”

Koetter, though, will enter 2018 on the hot seat.

The Bucs expect improvement after a what they have deemed a successful offseason.

“I think it’s going to be impossible to officiate,” Pereira said. “You’ll see the same things happen with this as we’ve seen with the crown-of-the-helmet rule: very few calls. I think most of it will be taken care of after the fact with potential fines.

The rule, which was approved unanimously be league owners in Orlando earlier this week, has made it illegal for players to initiate contact with an opponent by lowering their head. While competition committee chairman Rich McKay has vowed the rule is a “substantial change,” it’s still uncertain exactly what the directives and enforcement of the rule will actually look like in reality. The possibility also exists for the NFL office to deem that certain violations are ejectable offenses as well and disqualify a player from a game.

Given the number of injuries observed recently, Pereira isn’t surprised that a change was made to the rules. However, he doubts the tangible enforcement of the new rules will truly lead to a significant switch in what is enforced.la_kings_008