Why NFL coaches keep fighting in-game video access

This is a story about traditionalists fighting back against technology. And winning!

For much of this decade, the NFL has pushed for video access on sidelines during games. It seemed logical. Coaches and players spend hours every week studying video. They still call it film or tape, of course. By any name, it is an essential part of reviewing the previous game and preparing for the next. Why not have it available in real time, to help with in-game adjustments or on-the-fly matchup evaluations

And so he takes the mound as a curiosity. He’s a 23-year-old trying to tackle two full-time jobs in a new country with a different baseball culture and a tendency to dismiss first and assess later. It would have been fascinating enough without the bad spring, but it’s worth remembering he couldn’t hit in spring training. On the first pitch of his first at-bat Thursday afternoon, with his parents in the stands and his heart rate up, he pulled a semi-sharp single into right field. It wasn’t epic by any means, but it was a start. Now comes another one.

The Phillies (1-2) play their first two series on the road, though Monday’s game at the Mets has been postponed due to snow.

Philadelphia will play its home opener against the Miami Marlins.

[Continuity] builds up trust, Roberts said. You start to learn what guys can and can’t do. In spring training, I can trust that the players and coaches know what they have to do to get ready for a major league season. And in the day-to-day practices of the regular season, guys know the strengths and weaknesses of the other teams. The continuity that we’ve had here the last couple of years is really instrumental.

Another thing that characterizes the Dodgers is the unique makeup of the clubhouse. From the irrepressible Yasiel Puig from Cuba, to so-everyman-he’s-kind-of-fascinating Midwesterner Rich Hill, the Dodgers have personalities of all types and from all corners of the globe. Eight different nations are represented in the L.A. clubhouse, the most in baseball.patriots_143