Super Bowl 52 pregame show: Time, live TV schedule, and performers for Sunday

Over the past two years, Hamilton has swept into the zeitgeist as an unescapable piece of pop culture, imagining an early America where duels and rap battles were interchangeable pieces of the political landscape. The NFL, the sports monolith that still regularly relies on the music of Bon Jovi and Styx to reach out to fans, has finally taken notice.

“I’m excited to get to work with my new NBC family,” said Earnhardt Jr. “Beginning with two huge events like the Super Bowl and Olympics, right out of the gate, should be quite the introduction. I’m looking forward to raising the profile of NASCAR and all that we’re going to be doing during the 2018 season.”

That won’t be all you’ll hear about the Winter Olympics Sunday. NBC will pepper its coverage with 60-second profiles of American athletes in a synergistic show of brand-driven patriotism. The network will bring you the stories of medal hopefuls like Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Chloe Kim, and Nathan Chen throughout commercial breaks in preparation for next week’s Opening Ceremonies.

Part of me wants to give credit to the fact that it might have just been a perfectly made wing where the meat just falls right off, but it’s never THAT clean. That’s how eating wings would look in a cartoon.

It probably shouldn’t be such a surprise that he’s this impressive — because he does know a thing or two about chickens. He’s actually a chicken farmer.

Miller was also a poultry science minor at Texas A&M. He got his first chickens in 2013. He told SB Nation’s Matt Ufford back then that he thought taking a class on it would be an easy credit at school, but he ended up getting into it:

It really started off by taking easy classes. It was easy classes, I just thought it was going to be an easy A, just talk about chickens all day. So I’m just like, okay cool, I’m just going to take this class, sleep through it, I’m going to do the test and I’m going to be good, easy A. But my professor, he just wasn’t having it. I tried to come in and do my plan, sleep and just do the test, but he just wasn’t having it. It was tougher than what I thought. He told me if I didn’t pick it up, he was going to fail me, he wasn’t going to help me.