Todd Gurley’s non-catch helped the Rams get a FG at the end of the first half vs. Falcons

Todd Gurley’s near-reception made for a weird ending to the first half of the Falcons-Rams Wild Card game.

After an incredible Robert Woods catch, the Rams tried to find Gurley to get in the end zone before the half with 14 seconds left.

Save for a few stylistic differences—Diggs relies on sudden, quick-twitch bursts while Thielen’s cuts are smoother—they are wired similarly as receivers. Both excel at disguising their routes, like pitchers with the same release point for fastballs and curves.

Foles ended up doing just enough in the game. He completed 23 of his 30 passes for 246 yards. While he didn’t throw a touchdown, he also didn’t turn the ball over. It was enough, as the Eagles’ defense limited Atlanta’s offense all evening, especially on the Falcons’ final drive, which ended at the Philadelphia 2-yard line.

The Eagles will now host the winner of Sunday’s Vikings-Saints game in the NFC Championship.

Speaking of the Panthers . . . this season the MVP “debate” has been an annoying cycle of people touting “contenders” who can’t objectively be selected over Tom Brady, then (as is the current state of discourse in this country) throwing a hissy fit when you point that out. Because somehow it’s disrespectful to suggest someone is merely the second or third or fourth most valuable player in the NFL this season.

We mentioned it earlier, but the broken foot suffered by Notre Dame forward Bonzie Colson is one of the season’s most disappointing pieces of news. Colson was a frontrunner for ACC Player of the Year and likely All-America selection leading the Irish in points, rebounds, blocks and steals at the time of his injury, which is a huge blow to Notre Dame’s season. The Irish, particularly T.J. Gibbs and Rex Pflueger, have picked up the slack in their first week without him, but the ACC is only going to get harder from here. There’s a chance Colson returns in March, but Brey has said he’s not going to risk Colson’s health before the spring’s NBA tryouts. It would be a shame if this is how Colson’s time as a college player ends, but he’s had a heck of a career.

You may not see a crazier finish this season than this back-and-forth between USC and Stanford on Sunday night. Wow.

After Arizona’s loss to Colorado on Saturday, Sean Miller said his players “really struggle playing for me” and that he has “a hard time reaching our guys.” The Wildcats had seemingly recovered from their disastrous 0-3 trip to the Bahamas in November and it’s obvious Miller doesn’t want to risk a minor setback becoming a prolonged one.

However, the play would be reviewed, and the officials ruled that Sanu didn’t come down with the catch. The ball moved on Sanu’s way down, and it would be fourth down for the Falcons.patriots_118_a38140db53e830fa-180x180

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