No one suggested the Sounders were better off without Dempsey last fall.

They managed. But when you’re that competitive, that driven, the joy in seeing your teammates succeed is always going to be tempered by the disappointment that you weren’t there to help—that you didn’t play your part and may never again have the chance to do so. Now he’s got that chance.

Dempsey has an eye on returning to the Sounders next season. He’s been negotiating with the club. But finals aren’t guaranteed, and with the U.S. national team facing a barren stretch and his international career likely at or near its end, Saturday’s game very well could be last big one he plays.

“I’ve just been lucky to get in opportunities to play in big games,” he said in a recent interview posted by the Sounders. “A big thing for me, losing my sister at a young age, that was real tough and [it helps you] not take things for granted and to work and and try to make the most of everything. When you’ve got the opportunity, you have to make it happen or maybe you don’t ever get [another] chance.

“We’ve done some good things here,” he continued. “We won a Supporters’ Shield. We’ve won an Open Cup. I wasn’t able to be a part of the MLS Cup, but in a small way, I was, in terms of playing half the season. But hopefully there’s more to be written.”

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