Todd Gurley’s non-catch helped the Rams get a FG at the end of the first half vs. Falcons

Todd Gurley’s near-reception made for a weird ending to the first half of the Falcons-Rams Wild Card game.

After an incredible Robert Woods catch, the Rams tried to find Gurley to get in the end zone before the half with 14 seconds left.

Save for a few stylistic differences—Diggs relies on sudden, quick-twitch bursts while Thielen’s cuts are smoother—they are wired similarly as receivers. Both excel at disguising their routes, like pitchers with the same release point for fastballs and curves.

Foles ended up doing just enough in the game. He completed 23 of his 30 passes for 246 yards. While he didn’t throw a touchdown, he also didn’t turn the ball over. It was enough, as the Eagles’ defense limited Atlanta’s offense all evening, especially on the Falcons’ final drive, which ended at the Philadelphia 2-yard line.

The Eagles will now host the winner of Sunday’s Vikings-Saints game in the NFC Championship.

Speaking of the Panthers . . . this season the MVP “debate” has been an annoying cycle of people touting “contenders” who can’t objectively be selected over Tom Brady, then (as is the current state of discourse in this country) throwing a hissy fit when you point that out. Because somehow it’s disrespectful to suggest someone is merely the second or third or fourth most valuable player in the NFL this season.

We mentioned it earlier, but the broken foot suffered by Notre Dame forward Bonzie Colson is one of the season’s most disappointing pieces of news. Colson was a frontrunner for ACC Player of the Year and likely All-America selection leading the Irish in points, rebounds, blocks and steals at the time of his injury, which is a huge blow to Notre Dame’s season. The Irish, particularly T.J. Gibbs and Rex Pflueger, have picked up the slack in their first week without him, but the ACC is only going to get harder from here. There’s a chance Colson returns in March, but Brey has said he’s not going to risk Colson’s health before the spring’s NBA tryouts. It would be a shame if this is how Colson’s time as a college player ends, but he’s had a heck of a career.

You may not see a crazier finish this season than this back-and-forth between USC and Stanford on Sunday night. Wow.

After Arizona’s loss to Colorado on Saturday, Sean Miller said his players “really struggle playing for me” and that he has “a hard time reaching our guys.” The Wildcats had seemingly recovered from their disastrous 0-3 trip to the Bahamas in November and it’s obvious Miller doesn’t want to risk a minor setback becoming a prolonged one.

However, the play would be reviewed, and the officials ruled that Sanu didn’t come down with the catch. The ball moved on Sanu’s way down, and it would be fourth down for the Falcons.patriots_118_a38140db53e830fa-180x180

Former Browns coach Mike Pettine to be Packers defensive coordinator, report says

Mike Pettine is getting back in the game.

The former Browns coach is expected to be hired by the Packers and serve as Green Bay’s defensive coordinator, ESPN reported, citing unidentified sources.

Pettine, 51, served as defensive coordinator for the Jets from 2009-12 before spending the 2013 season in the same position with the Bills. He then took over as head coach for Cleveland in 2014 but was fired in January 2016, finishing with a 10-22 record as the Browns dropped 18 of his final 21 games with the team.

Scales is an All-American linebacker who has been a centerpiece to the Hoosier defense for the last four seasons. He is a good overall athlete who possesses solid speed and lateral agility. He has quickness as a blitzer and can get a good jump to put himself in position to provide pressure on opposing QBs. He is solid as a run defender, displaying good gap discipline, and he keeps his shoulders square when he’s filling at the point of attack.

Scalres raps up effectively as a tackler but does have some issues finishing in space. He flashes stack-and-shed ability at the point of attack, but he needs to build consistency in doing so. In coverage, he has the hip fluidity to transition vertically in man coverage. He projects best working as a hybrid linebacker and should be able to stay on the field on all three downs.

They laugh. As if Adam was ever anything but obsessed with this sport. Tackle football didn’t start until seventh grade around Detroit Lakes, Minn., so Thielen would gather up ratty old pads discarded by the local middle school, slip into a Moss or Carter jersey, and play full-contact against his friends in the snow. “Nothing better than that,” he says. “It’s crazy how things worked out.”

Crazy. This word comes up a lot. Crazy how, throughout his Detroit Lakes High career he planned to play D-III basketball—right up until a scout from Minnesota State discovered him at a summer all-star game and offered a $500 football scholarship.

Even so, the 6′ 2″, 200-pound Thielen senses his long-shot origin story is becoming well worn. “Every broadcaster wants to talk about that,” he says. “It gets a little annoying. I want to be respected based on how I play, not what I had to overcome.”

The Saints nearly destroyed the Vikings’ postseason aspirations with a late field goal

The Minnesota Vikings have exorcised their playoff demons late in their Divisional Round showdown with the New Orleans Saints. Two years after Blair Walsh missed a 27-yard field goal that would have locked down the team’s first postseason win since the 2009 season, Kai Forbath calmly drilled a 53-yard field goal that gave Minnesota a 23-21 lead with just 1:34 left in the game.

You could say he was excited:

The Khans didn’t own the Jaguars the last time they made the postseason, so this is a totally new feeling for them, but one they’re bringing back to lifetime Jaguars fans.

His dad and team owner Shad Khan told the Florida Times-Union before the game, “If you’re not having fun now, you’ll never have fun. You’ve got to enjoy the moment. If you can bottle it, imprint it on the brain, you want to do that.”

It looks like the Jaguars are having fun.

The Falcons learned the hard way at the end of last year’s NFL playoffs that defense especially in the fourth quarter still wins championships. They applied their lesson well to begin this year’s NFC playoff run with a 26-13 wild-card upset of the Rams.

Atlanta didn’t win as easily as the score indicated. Los Angeles may have been the prettier team for most of the night, save for a return-game meltdown. Bottom line: it was the third consecutive conference playoff game the Falcons won by double-digit points.

We invited them and we rented the restaurant for 15, 16 people, Rapaglia said. I invited the presidents of the biggest leagues we have. New Jersey did the same. I never saw the girl in my life. Then we took some pictures. Look at the other possibilities. It’s like a lottery: eight, nine people running! We’ve been friends with Sunil for years. And we believe in his ability, and he’s a great guy for the game. Believe me.

Payton’s first challenge flag appeared to be a consequence of peer pressure. Case Keenum floated a 27-yard pass to Jarius Wright that the wideout corralled while diving to the turf. Replays showed the ball was clearly controlled after an initial bobble, but the enthusiasm of his players on the sideline and a Vikings offense rushing to get the ensuing play off forced the veteran head coach to call on the referees.

That was an understandable mistake — Minnesota’s hurry-up offense pressed the issue, and Payton seemingly went with his gut. His second challenge, however, was less forgivable.

Sam Darnold declares for 2018 NFL Draft after 3 years at USC

Shortly after Josh Rosen declared for the 2018 NFL draft, USC quarterback Sam Darnold followed in his footsteps. Darnold made the news official with an Instagram post on Wednesday evening.

As they lined up for their field goal attempt, the Jaguars jumped and were called for a neutral zone infraction on the play, giving the Bills a first-and-goal at the 1-yard line:

Two street performers strum fiddles under ornate cast-iron balconies in the French Quarter of New Orleans as Alvin Kamara strolls through the streets. He walks past art galleries, voodoo stores and antique shops. Fans follow behind, the horde continually growing, all ages and genders and ethnicities, the whole city chasing after him. Chefs come out of restaurants with aprons on, asking for pictures. “Rookie of the Year!” is a frequent greeting. An elderly man tells him he already has plane tickets to Minnesota for the Super Bowl; the man’s wife says that she was the one who sent Kamara a box of Airheads last week. “Thank you so much from our whole city,” she beams, hugging him tight.

He continues through the eccentric scene that is Jackson Square, past the tarot card readers and the psychics and the men dressed up as female pirates and the women painted bronze who stand on carts and pose as statues. Two adolescent street drummers ask if he could help them pull apart their buckets that got stuck together; Kamara stops and spends a few minutes tugging, straining, using his foot as leverage until he finally pries them apart. They thank him and he continues, through cobblestone corridors, past Creole cottages, the whole city of New Orleans at his feet, adoration awaiting on every corner.

Andrews said she told Payton, “You have to tell him.” Payton then said he would tell him and let him know he had the choice to stay or go.

Swinging back to that Seahawks offense . . . the good news is that they made some history a week ago: Seattle became the third team since 1950 to have more penalty yards than offensive yards in a game and still win. The bad news is that, over the last three games, they rank 32nd in the NFL in total offense (228.7 yards per game, less than the Bryce Petty-led Jets and the Savage/Yates/Heinicke-led Texans). And those numbers were boosted by Russell Wilson Bortlesing Blake Bortles in Bortles’ own backyards (in the Week 14 loss at Jacksonville, Wilson threw three interceptions as Seattle fell behind 27-10 before TD passes of 61 and 74 yards in the final 10 minutes salvaged the stat line).

On the replayed down, Adoree’ Jackson muffed the punt, which was recovered by the Chiefs:

It was quite the NFL’s version of “ball don’t lie.” Or at least, it appeared it was going to be that way.

After being given a second chance, the Chiefs ran three plays resulting in a loss of two yards. On fourth-and-12, Harrison Butker attempted a 48-yard field goal from the Tennessee 30, and it was no good.

So by the end of everything happened, all that happened was that the Chiefs gave the Titans nine yards.

Football can be weird at times, and it’s always unpredictable.patriots_018_7b0b1a017dd7d943-180x180

Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham that became integral to another championship four years later.

As I understand it, Mara’s anger over the damage being done to the Giants reputation was visible over the last few days. In fact, some believed that even a win on Sunday over the Raiders wouldn’t have granted McAdoo a stay of execution—notable, because in-season firings coming off wins are exceedingly rare.

(To be fair, Giants’ ownership deserves it’s share of the blame for public perception of the team changing, too, for putting the now-departed leadership in place, and its handling of the Josh Brown situation in 2016.)

Heika: Well, you’re still one win away from being tied 2 with two out of three at home, I don’t think it’s crazy to trust what got you here.It’s the type of play that’s ingrained your memory forever and one of the first of plays that endeared me to Campbell.The first, The Scouting Report on Professional Athletics, elaborates details of the professional athlete’s lifestyle.He’s been on campus , times throughout the process.That’s especially key the defensive zone.Investing involves risk, including potential for loss.

I was getting to what most kids weren’t even allowed to watch on TV, he says.said he’ll be out for a while.These three sons of Fiachaidh Suighdhe divided that territory between them into three parts; and they are called the descendants of Oilill Earann, and the Earna.He also now, courtesy of a 28-yard touchdown run the second quarter, sports a 28-yards-per- average and has scored on his only career attempt.

Sean Lee, linebacker, Dallas. The MVP of the Cowboys defense showed that in spades in the 30-10 win over the Giants. Lee had 18 tackles, and his interception of Eli Manning on the Giants’ last-gasp drive with 3:20 left in the game and a 13-point lead ended whatever feeble chance New York had to win. The schedule may be too hard for the 7-6 Cowboys to make the playoffs (at Oakland, Seattle, at Philadelphia), but they’ll always have a chance when Lee is in mission control of the defense.

But it’s always a blessing disguise no matter where you go the draft.The Washington Wizards’ play over these past 35 , amplified by their epic regular game versus the Cleveland Cavaliers this past week, has put the Eastern Conference on notice.Named after Hall of Famer and 1959 NCAA Final Four Most Valuable Player West, the annual honor its third year recognizes the top shooting guards Division I men’s college basketball.That day, when I walked out of the hospital with baby, I thought, I tried to keep a straight face and be strong for family.

Profile: A huge question entering the 2014 , Pineda now enters 2015 as the third starter on the Yankee staff .He came from behind, pushed the pile forward and Rice got the first down that put , a team with an 11-game winning streak, on the verge of extinction.Finalists must receive 18 of 24 votes from the honors committee to be elected into the Hall of Fame.bears_081-223x223

How would the NHL respond to such a matchup?

If things remain the same in the second half of the 2017-18 NHL season—which is asking a lot, we know—we could be considering a Stanley Cup Final between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Vegas Golden Knights.

Neiron Ball, who is with the same agency as me and was a former roommate of mine at , Brown and Debose are all training down here Miami with me, it was a comfortable situation from the beginning.Toner has been spending most of his time at guard after working at tackle while at Harvard, and to me that says the team has a role mind for him early.I have no ulterior motive other than what I said about goals.As , have another.Just to compete old alumni game against them be great.

Before halftime, he broke his collarbone while scrambling for a 3-yard gain.For the fourth consecutive offseason, we’re ranking the New Orleans Saints’ top players as we’ll rank the top 20 players.The biggest concern with Kikaha right now is medical.Gomez recorded 37 saves 43 opportunities.He skipped the 1962 altogether.

Not to be the well actually guy here but… well actually, That said, the chances of him returning to the Tigers are extremely slim. Before Porter had back surgery, he’d hinted to local media that he wasn’t a sure thing to go one and done. But if he were to stay, he either really loves college or is getting terrible advice.

While Porter comes with an estimable injury risk, he’s still tracking as a top five selection, probably top seven at worst barring serious medical red flags. With that noted, putting himself through another year of college hoops, re-risking injury and forgoing a year of earning potential at minimum makes next to no business sense. We’d all have loved to see him play college ball, but it’s a pipe dream at this point.

I’ve got a lot of earning I need to do, he said, and I need to earn everything as it comes.Unless the team receives offer it can’t refuse, should gamble on resurrecting his career.I don’t have to look it up.

Make him throw too soon, or hit him relentlessly and can have some issues.Are you kidding?The Braves attempted no steals against him.He won three Vezinas and three Stanley Cups, including back-to-back wins 1954 and 1955.has been issue for him at times, but a rebound isn’t out of the question here.They want Fifi to have it all.

— AFC defensive coordinator NFL Comparison Zach Orr Bottom Line has the athleticism to be NFL linebacker, but he’s not explosive talent.There was nobody talking.Now, I do know that expectations go up.We promised our voters we’d never reveal their names alongside their votes.Normal Forward Lineup #3 – Chipchura, J.T.Don’t be ahat dirty player because you do nothing but cost your team.bears_102-223x223

No one suggested the Sounders were better off without Dempsey last fall.

They managed. But when you’re that competitive, that driven, the joy in seeing your teammates succeed is always going to be tempered by the disappointment that you weren’t there to help—that you didn’t play your part and may never again have the chance to do so. Now he’s got that chance.

Dempsey has an eye on returning to the Sounders next season. He’s been negotiating with the club. But finals aren’t guaranteed, and with the U.S. national team facing a barren stretch and his international career likely at or near its end, Saturday’s game very well could be last big one he plays.

“I’ve just been lucky to get in opportunities to play in big games,” he said in a recent interview posted by the Sounders. “A big thing for me, losing my sister at a young age, that was real tough and [it helps you] not take things for granted and to work and and try to make the most of everything. When you’ve got the opportunity, you have to make it happen or maybe you don’t ever get [another] chance.

“We’ve done some good things here,” he continued. “We won a Supporters’ Shield. We’ve won an Open Cup. I wasn’t able to be a part of the MLS Cup, but in a small way, I was, in terms of playing half the season. But hopefully there’s more to be written.”

We know we have deep safety help and we just have to get the job done at the line.It’s about showing my daughter how a woman’s supposed to be treated.The scenario repeated itself on Saturday.Gilberry has been a full-time starter only once his NFL career – 2014 – but has recorded 31 sacks.I swung the bat well Kansas City and you just have to keep on trying to be as consistent as possible with those approaches you’d take Kansas City.

There are no lectures her novels.Barash represent at the indoor volleyball tournament, which run from July 19 at the Broward County Convention Center.Potok rebounded the third-place match with 8 win over Twinsburg’s Colin Trauten.Mikhail Grabovski wins face-off versus Toews Predators zone.I’m really relieved it’s not broken.

You can’t leave him on an offensive rebound because he gets loose and they find him.We’re a long ways away from Michael explaining his apoliticism by saying Republicans buy sneakers too.He stood out early, but stood on the sidelines for months as the Broncos won Super Bowl 50.He was fantastic.He’s just a low-end right now, most owners should shoot for higher upside.

Could have been a combination of things.Would he consider taking the proverbial hometown discount?the complex’s events center.He was a huge component of the championship 2017 U.S.I ‘t even know when I’m pitching.chargers_093

Aaron Rodgers condemns Thomas Davis’ hit on Davante Adams: ‘He’s a repeat offender’

Adams, who required medical attention on the field after the hit before he was helped off, later was ruled out with a concussion. When asked about Adams’ condition, Rodgers said he had not spoken to the wide receiver, but said, “I’m obviously concerned when he’s not out there.”

“I’ll never understand it,” Adams wrote. “Game is already dangerous enough and we got Pro Bowl players out here head hunting and saying they ‘didn’t mean to harm me’ … Somebody please explain to me what I wasnt trying to hurt him means when we nowhere near the play and u lead with ya head and ear hole a defenseless player …

“Look it’s football but no room for s— like that. We supposed to be in this together n look out for one another not mess with a mans livelihood and hand out unnecessary concussions. We all got mouths to feed what if I did that to him and his kids cant eat … Not the type to rant but when u go through this s— twice in a year it takes a lil toll on u so excuse me.”

I understand your frustration and I do apologize for the hit! In no way was I trying to hurt you. My first instinct was turn and make a block. In all sincerity I do apologize. I truly respect you as a player and I made a mistake!

The concept is similar to the pitcher-batter complex baseball where a pitcher can hit better than a regular hitter because he was once a pitcher, too, and knows what to expect.When you’re 25, middle age or old age seems abstract, quaint notion.Basically you’re kind of dropping the ball to where you can’t drive it far, Darr said.

The Pelicans also spare from having to play center all game, with a player who can also shoot the three.Problems: Since he is cheeky and self-centered, he often gets into trouble.He went 10 with a 4 28 Class starts.Horatius Piscinus are that the border sanctuary between the towns of the territory of was unusual and that it corresponds to southern Gaul and its Celtic tribes, and that the people of the territory of were Nolans more than two thousand years ago.

‘I felt really sad because I thought what a waste, all these amazing beautiful people who could be changing the world or doing something truly extraordinary instead of taking selfies of themselves all the time.It was Puig’s first time the role, and he appeared happy to be on the field supporting his teammates while they cruised to a 6 victory over Colorado Springs.The white text on black background and failure to mention who is interviewed or even a single band member’s name reveals our nascent music journalism.1974 and 1975 he would capture not only consecutive Vezina Trophies but back-to-back Conn Smythe Trophies guiding the Flyers to successive Cups.

We were destined to give up a point, but we’re going to the state finals.He spent parts of three seasons with the Phoenix Coyotes before being traded to the Colorado Avalanche, with whom he spent parts of two seasons before being dealt to the San Jose Sharks.The Tribes and Customs of Hy-, commonly called O”s Country , 40 , Footnote 93.

Playing their fourth road game in the last five, the Predators were shut out for just the second time this season.

While Towns is among the key figures for a retooled team in Minnesota, Okafor is in a state of flux after being obtained by the Brooklyn Nets last month.

Okafor is expected to make his home debut for the Nets on Wednesday night against Towns and Timberwolves at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Okafor’s minutes will not as extensive as the 35.6 minutes per game Towns plays, but the former third overall pick will see some time in front of the home crowd.

“He’s been doing a phenomenal job getting ready physically with our assistant coaches, learning what we’re doing,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson told reporters before Monday’s game against the Orlando Magic. “So collectively we feel that he’s ready to get some minutes.”

This is eternity.But Meola, recently appointed head coach of NASL outfit Jacksonville Armada, did not get beyond preseason, unable to master the technique.They need more maybe a driving licence, a copy of their birth certificate.If you were to grab any Cowboys fan you’d have to likely console them because the Divisional Loss is still fresh and ask them what the team’s top need is, they’d likely say the defensive line.LA finished the night with 21 turnovers a sloppy showing.You’ll get ’em next time, kid.During that time, he also worked as a Registered Representative for retail investment management firm Josephthal & Co., where he developed impressive book of business.

Nashville also was blanked by Pittsburgh 4-0 on Oct. 7.

“We just keep playing our game and have good success,” Gallant said. “It’s about competing and getting ready for the next game. If we keep playing the kind of hockey we’re playing, we’re going to win a lot of hockey games.”

The crowd of 18,171 was the third-largest for Vegas. … Vegas forward Erik Haula played in his 400th career game. … Golden Knights goalie Malcolm Subban is the younger brother of Nashville defenseman P.K. Subban. … Vegas is 17-1-0 when scoring first, best in the NHL.

Position: Guard College: Height: 6 foot 4 8 Weight: 312 pounds Selection: First round, No.Maybe since rookie .Undrafted receiver Keyarris Garrett showed some flashes June, but he seems destined for ‘s practice squad unless he has a breakout camp.It was difficult to replace them but despite losing important players, we made it back to the Final Four and played four consecutive ones.This is the same growth hormone Russia tennis player Maria Sharapova failed a drug test for.But you could sit down and make it work on paper if you really felt it was that important.After 7 years the NFL, I am retiring.Manning, 34, is entering his 12 th with the Giants.

The United States was off Saturday.

the Kansas City defense can be lethal, where they can get exposed as they did by the likes of the Jets and Raiders. This won’t be one of those weeks, though … not by the Titans.

Credit the Tennessee defense for paving the way to the playoffs, especially in the finale over the Jaguars that broke their late three-game losing streak. Marcus Mariota regressed throughout the second half of the season, the two-headed rushing attack did not pick up where it left off last year, and DeMarco Murray’s status for this game (knee) is up in the air.

Also worth mentioning: The job Beane holds opened up the day after the draft ended in May … when the Bills fired his predecessor, Doug Whaley. This is how you run a contender?

Robert Thomas, Sam Steel, Cale Makar, Alex Formenton, Michael McLeod and Drake Batherson also scored and Carter Hart made 18 saves for Canada, which was coming off a 4-3 shootout loss to the Americans on Friday in an outdoor game at the Buffalo Bills’ New Era Field.

The Americans will finish group play Sunday against Finland, a 5-2 winner over Slovakia on Saturday.

Earlier at Key Bank Center, Aleski Heponiemi, Markus Nurmi, Joni Ikonen, Aapeli Rasanen and Joona Koppanen scored for Finland.

Sweden wrapped up Group B with a 7-2 victory over Switzerland at HarborCenter. Elias Pettersson and Lias Andersson each had two goals and an assist for undefeated Sweden and Filip Larsson made 20 saves.

What makes ‘ career, spanning more than two decades, remarkable is not a spotless record, but the spirit to rise above the criticism of her age, game, and body and set the standard for accomplishment sports.For starters, the four-time conference all-academic team honoree found his curiosity equally piqued by topics the classroom and career-based programs for Rutgers student-athletes such as Life Beyond the Game.He became only the third player to win both awards the same year.19 of his banishment against the Predators, although he’d certainly like to recoup some of the more than US$500 lost earnings.We see a kid who is potential top six forward.To meet these special kids face to face, it makes heart melt.Covering 1-on-1 drills, Hall made a good play on the ball and plucked it from the air – and did a little high-stepping to celebrate.If gets regular at-bats at any point and plays like he did Detroit, then it becomes a great signing by the Tribe front office.McGraw appreciates your thoughts and good wishes as well as your ideas and suggestions.No one’s sure what the price be, but everyone’s sure he can help you.lions_031