Sabres could pose road block for Capitals

Returning home from a loss in Florida, the Washington Capitals will be looking to bounce back against the lowly Buffalo Sabres.

That may be harder than it sounds.

While still mired in last place in the Atlantic Division, the Sabres (18-32-11) have become road warriors of late as Marco Scandella’s goal with 0.2 of a second remaining in overtime Thursday lifted Buffalo to a 3-2 victory in Detroit.

“I understand the business, so I know why some teams sit guys out, but that’s not what I want,” Kane told “I want to be playing with my team, no matter what might happen. I don’t want to be watching.”

“I thought the second half we took it to them,” Detroit forward Justin Abdelkader said. “I felt from the drop of the puck we weren’t winning battles. I thought in the second and third period we were better.

“It’s tough to spot a team like that two goals. You’ve got to fight and scratch and claw to get back. We did. We had a lot of chances as the game went. It’s tough to finally lose it.”

The Red Wings recalled G Jared Coreau from AHL Grand Rapids to replace G Petr Mrazek, traded Monday to Philadelphia. … Red Wings D Mike Green missed his third straight game due to an upper-body injury. … The Predators are 5-1-1 in the second game of back to backs this season.

She still has to cover the costs of travel and lodging, according to the Post Courier, but there is an online fundraising effort to fulfill that dream.

There were items stolen. We’re not going to release the nature of the items stolen. Obviously the people who committed the theft know what was stolen. It’s an investigative advantage for us to know that as well and not share it with the public, so I won’t have any further comment on that.

The items that were taken haven’t been confirmed, but police spent Monday night at his home gathering evidence:

It’s a tough combination to have suffered this unfortunate loss, and then to get home and be a victim of this kind of crime which really has a profound effect on everybody who is a victim of this crime when your personal space is breached like that, Baker told reporters.jaguars_093-223x223

Super Bowl 52 pregame show: Time, live TV schedule, and performers for Sunday

Over the past two years, Hamilton has swept into the zeitgeist as an unescapable piece of pop culture, imagining an early America where duels and rap battles were interchangeable pieces of the political landscape. The NFL, the sports monolith that still regularly relies on the music of Bon Jovi and Styx to reach out to fans, has finally taken notice.

“I’m excited to get to work with my new NBC family,” said Earnhardt Jr. “Beginning with two huge events like the Super Bowl and Olympics, right out of the gate, should be quite the introduction. I’m looking forward to raising the profile of NASCAR and all that we’re going to be doing during the 2018 season.”

That won’t be all you’ll hear about the Winter Olympics Sunday. NBC will pepper its coverage with 60-second profiles of American athletes in a synergistic show of brand-driven patriotism. The network will bring you the stories of medal hopefuls like Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Chloe Kim, and Nathan Chen throughout commercial breaks in preparation for next week’s Opening Ceremonies.

Part of me wants to give credit to the fact that it might have just been a perfectly made wing where the meat just falls right off, but it’s never THAT clean. That’s how eating wings would look in a cartoon.

It probably shouldn’t be such a surprise that he’s this impressive — because he does know a thing or two about chickens. He’s actually a chicken farmer.

Miller was also a poultry science minor at Texas A&M. He got his first chickens in 2013. He told SB Nation’s Matt Ufford back then that he thought taking a class on it would be an easy credit at school, but he ended up getting into it:

It really started off by taking easy classes. It was easy classes, I just thought it was going to be an easy A, just talk about chickens all day. So I’m just like, okay cool, I’m just going to take this class, sleep through it, I’m going to do the test and I’m going to be good, easy A. But my professor, he just wasn’t having it. I tried to come in and do my plan, sleep and just do the test, but he just wasn’t having it. It was tougher than what I thought. He told me if I didn’t pick it up, he was going to fail me, he wasn’t going to help me.

It’s a just reminder that most of the coolest dunks humanly possible have already been done.

Despite being injured, Phelps, who posted a 3.12 ERA and struck out 11 in 8 2/3 innings with Seattle last year, stayed with the team through the final home stand of 2017.

I only pitched in a handful of games (with Seattle), but I was able to be around the rest of the season, Phelps said. I stuck around until the last home stand just so I could get to know the guys and some of the younger pitchers, pick their brains on everything and teach them what I could. Biggest thing for me was knowing I was here, getting comfortable with the guys and building relationships.

One of Mitchell’s early dunks was an alley-oop off the side of the backboard while leaping over three kneeling short people (including comedian Kevin Hart). People have dunked baseline off the side of the backboard before — people have jumped over much taller people or things on alley-oops before. (Blake Griffin jumped over a car!)

Yet in the end, we’re left wanting.

There are few ambitious dunks that haven’t been discovered. Dennis Smith Jr., who did not advance to the final round despite having the best dunk of the night, hit a reverse 360 through-the-legs hand switch:

That’s new (for the Dunk Contest, at least). But because Dunk Contest scoring is weird and Smith missed this the first two times he tried, this jam becomes a relative afterthought. It was twice the dunk that Mitchell’s finale was.

He has a family, and you know what? He has to take care of himself, Gardenhire said. We’re going to make sure he’s healthy and this doesn’t take away from his life after baseball and all those things. But, this guy’s a gamer. This guy — he’s got a lot of passion to hit, and I’m hoping that I get to use him for another year or two, or whatever.

Martinez can’t be certain of how this season will go — or even how he’ll do in spring training. But he can certainly appreciate the chance to be back on the field.

When I came into the big leagues, I was 22, 23 years old. I used to see the veteran guys all in the hot tub. They were like, ‘Yeah, wait until you’re 30,’ Martinez said. Now I know what they were talking about. It just doesn’t get any easier. I’m just thankful to God give me this opportunity and be in this game for this long.

Some shooters love taking jumpers from straightaway looking directly as the basket. Dirk Nowitzki, for example, is famous for his trailing threes. It gives the shooter time to heat up and is early enough that he won’t rush any shots. On the downside, it’s further from the basket than the rest of the spots.

Dawson was brought in for a second interview.

The Panthers also interviewed Buffalo assistant director of scouting Lake Dawson, Houston Texans assistant general manager Jimmy Raye III and Martin Mayhew, senior personnel executive with San Francisco, for the full-time general manager job.

All three are minority candidates, fulfilling the league’s rule that teams have to interview at least one minority candidate for general manager and head-coaching positions.

Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan, Javier Fernandez of Spain and Shoma Uno of Japan are the leaders after the short program, while three Americans did well enough to qualify for the free skate. The competition begins at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, with live streaming via NBC Olympics and FuboTV.

We’re going to have live coverage of the event, which will feature 24 skaters, including Nathan Chen, Vincent Zhou and Adam Rippon of the United States. Earning a medal is going to be tough, though, as the highest-rated of the group is Rippon at No. 7 overall following the short program.

The free skate is called the long program because it lasts four minutes, 30 seconds, and is very taxing on the body. The men’s event is now generally focused on one thing, primarily: quadruple jumps. The quad jump is exactly what it sounds like — four rotations in the air, landing on one foot. It’s the skating or snowboarding equivalent of a 1440.

We feel like we’re in a partnership with the city of Philadelphia, the fans of Philadelphia and certainly the sports teams of Philadelphia, he said. You saw it today with Jason. He felt like he was a part of the Phillies family. He wore that ‘Be Bold’ T-shirt proudly, then he put on a Phillies jersey and a Phillies cap.

This is an All-Pro center on the best offensive line in football from a Super Bowl championship team. And here he was in our clubhouse today sort of backing the Phillies. I thought that was pretty remarkable, he said.

San Francisco, where he found the zenith of his career, was one of the teams who were reportedly impressed with Lincecum’s performance. And they could be one of the teams suited best to try him on for size. They have poor rotation depth, and if the front office won’t break the line to sign a free agent, maybe it’s fate for Tim’s comeback story to have its maximum magic potential in the place he found the most success. He won’t be the strongest duct tape out there. Maybe, in the end, he won’t be duct tape at all. But if you’re telling me there’s a chance, it’s worth pulling for.royals_097

Why did Butler get benched for Super Bowl 52, and did it cost the Patriots their sixth Lombardi Trophy?

Bill Belichick gave almost no answers. Malcolm Butler had no answer, either, but lots of emotion, wild guesses and dejection. To be fair, the questions were complicated.

There’s a question in there, though, that’s easier to answer: Is this one of the worst and costliest coaching blunders ever in the Super Bowl? That answer is yes. Is it the all-time worst and costliest? It’s hard to find another, even with 52 years of competition.

There isn’t a large library of even questionable coaching moves in recent Super Bowl history, much less outright bizarre or indefensible ones. The aforementioned slant by the Seahawks. Last year’s decision by the Falcons to keep throwing with a chance to work the clock and put the win over the Patriots away. Andy Reid’s clock management the last time the Eagles and Patriots played in 2005. Bill Callahan running a Raiders offense against the Buccaneers that Jon Gruden knew like the back of his hand.

For now, they pale in comparison to Belichick leaving a vital defensive player on the bench while the other team ran up 538 yards and 41 points in a track meet of a game.

The Eagles beat the Patriots on Sunday, but by benching Butler, Belichick gave them a ton of help.

“You’re gonna see me playing football next year. I don’t envision not playing,” Brady said. “You’re at the end of the race but you’ve got your biggest mountain to climb right at the end. Hopefully all the lessons we’ve learned have allowed us to be at our very best for this moment and that’s what it’s going to take and that’s what we’re prepared for and that’s what I go out and expect our team to do.”

Brady became the oldest player to be named NFL MVP this season, claiming his third league MVP honor Saturday. He led the NFL with 4,577 yards, becoming the oldest quarterback to lead the league in passing yards, with 32 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Brady is under contract through the 2019 season and expects to fulfill that contract. He and Patriots coach Bill Belichick have already won five Super Bowls together, heading into Sunday’s game against the Eagles. Making his eighth Super Bowl appearance, Brady told his wife he’d like to win two more Super Bowls before he retires and has said he’d like to play until he’s 45. It remains to be seen, but we do know we’ll see Brady in a Patriots uniform for a 19th NFL season. bills_043

Browns hire Scot McCloughan to help with 2018 NFL Draft, report says

As the NFL draft is quickly approaching, the Browns are under pressure to make decisions that will help rebuild their franchise coming off of a winless season.

The former Redskins general manager will work closely with Dorsey in a reunion as the two served together with the Packers under general manager Ron Wolf.

The seemingly robotic nature of an athlete like Brady often takes the human element out of the public’s perception. The decisions he makes about his career are not met with the same standards as those made by your average Joe. The public is selfish, and it assumes Brady, as a football player, is not susceptible to career-altering moments in life.

But Brady is a father of three, and he has never been shy about expressing how much his family means to him. News broke during the week leading up to last year’s Super Bowl that Brady’s mother had been dealing with an illness, and she hadn’t been able to attend her son’s football games that season like she always had. Brady’s dad was able to attend just one.

“And I said to them, ‘This is probably something I should have told you two weeks ago, but this is the longest two weeks of your life, and this is going to be the longest 24 hours-plus of your life. The game, at this point, cannot get here quick enough. But it’s going to slow down even more.”

While Favre revealed he kept the message “lighthearted and fun,” he wasn’t holding back when it came to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

“We know the Patriots. They’re a tremendous team. Their quarterback is the greatest to ever play. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach to ever coach. You know what they’re about,” Favre said. “They’re going to play the whole game. Don’t ever say — kinda like last year, ‘We have it won and we’re going to go to the drive-thru.’ That’s not a good idea.”

Last year, the Falcons found themselves with a 28-3 lead against the Patriots, but couldn’t hold on as they fell in overtime 34-28.

It may seem like there’s no connection between the Eagles and Favre, who played for the Packers for the majority of his career before spending a year with the Jets and two with the Vikings. However, Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson and Favre played together in Green Bay.

After finishing 28th in total yards allowed in back-to-back seasons, the Redskins’ defense improved to 21st under coordinator Greg Manusky in 2017.

On June 23, about a month before NFL training camps opened, Dr. Harry Edwards, the well-known Cal-Berkley sociology professor and one-time adviser to Kaepernick, sent an email to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Edwards implored Goodell to use his influence to make certain Kaepernick signed with an NFL team.

Rookie Jonathan Allen, the team’s first-round pick in the 2017 NFL draft, made an impact up to the point he injured his left foot, requiring surgery ultimately ended his season. But even with Allen healthy, the line needs help. Matt Ioannidis proved a valuable contributor, as did Stacy McGee. But there wasn’t enough quality depth up front to consistently rattle quarterbacks or stuff running plays.

But the unit backslid in points allowed (from 19th to 27th), surrendering 24.2 points per game, a lot for an injury-strapped offense to overcome.

The show of defiance comes hours after Trump on Sunday morning renewed his demand that NFL owners fire or suspend players who kneel during the national anthem in protest, again urging that fans should boycott the sport to force change.

“If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast,” Trump wrote. “Fire or suspend!”

The loss dropped the Redskins to 4-6 and also proved costly in the personnel department. The latest injury to strike the team was to running back Chris Thompson, who was carted off the field with his leg in an air cast.

Who knew that, at this point, the Los Angeles Rams-Minnesota Vikings game would be so intriguing? Both teams were 7-2, but the Rams’ winning streak ended at four as Minnesota won its sixth straight with a 24-7 victory.

The Patriots have embraced the identity of a power-rushing team.

Their No. 10 ground attack against the Jaguars’ No. 21 run defense is the key to opening up everything else in the offense. Even though Rex Burkhead is expected to return, Dion Lewis should keep dominating touches. Because of Lewis’ much-improved work between the tackles and still-dynamic ability as an outlet receiver in open field, he keeps the Patriots at their most unpredictable and versatile.

The Jaguars have been much better in stopping the run since they acquired tackle Marcell Dareus at midseason. He’ll be in there for base 4-3 sets. If the Patriots go two-back with fullback James Develin as a lead blocker for Lewis, it will help, but that would also limit the number of receiving options.

Expect New England to be patient about establishing power, because Brady will need it to keep the “Sacksonville” pass rush at bay early and wear it down late. Balance is critical for Brady to hit on any big pass plays.

The Christian Hackenberg experiment continues to go poorly. Hackenberg started for the Jets against the Lions, with the hope being that he could manage to start and put some throws together, maybe put a little heat on Josh McCown, maybe give Jets fans some hope.
is fault, and that’s why Hackenberg is being pulled from the game at the break.

Todd Bowles told CBS Hackenberg is done for the night. On Hack’s performance: “We’re not giving him a chance. We have to block for him.”

The Packers are going to want to let Bennett, who is a strong run blocker as well, diversify their formations. But they’re also going to want to use him as a short-yardage red-zone weapon. Good luck covering him with a linebacker like that.

“They don’t have to do it here in front of the flag,” Rose said. “It’s just the wrong place to do it. .?.?. There’s five people in our section in my row that we have tickets together, my family. Two of them didn’t come today. And the tickets are going to waste. They didn’t want somebody else to have it. They wanted that seat to be empty. I respect that.”

Korver said that it is on the Cavs’ players, as the oldest roster in the league, to lift themselves up.

Sports, that wonderful, horrible, meaningful, meaningless, inspiring, cynical, beautiful entity, just completed another wild feat. It took 2,390 miles of ocean and shrank it. It urged Hawaii and the United States mainland into a fresh realm of spiritual juxtaposition. It continued to redefine, according to Hawaiians, how Hawaiians perceive themselves.

Last Saturday, a 24-year-old quarterback in his first NFL playoff game threw a touchdown pass to himself, commanded a wacko second-half comeback in a loud road stadium and forged a clinching-play block that deserves to prove unforgettable. On Monday, a 19-year-old quarterback entered the College Football Playoff national championship after halftime, redefined the tenor of that humongous game, became its most valuable player and threw a game-winning 41-yard touchdown pass so eye-pleasing that it will prove unforgettable.

“I think it’s just getting back to playing as one unit,” he said. “Like, playing as a team. No matter what our schemes are, no matter what’s going on, we’ve got to trust each other at both ends of the floor. It’s a very general thing to say, but there’s a lot of truth to it. There’s definitely problems on both sides of the court right now. I think playing together, playing with effort and energy is probably a common theme on both sides right now.

But his downfall has been epic. He has not demonstrated he can make the transition from prospering in the gimmick offense of his rookie season with the Redskins to being able to thrive as a more traditional NFL pocket passer. He has not been able to remain healthy and in the lineup. He has not provided evidence he can avoid drama like this week’s dust-up with Moss. Is this a big deal? No. But it’s enough to tilt the odds of returning to the NFL further against Griffin.

But Griffin should have simply let it go. Any NFL team that would consider signing Griffin at this point would do so with him being a No. 2 or a No. 3 quarterback in mind. He’s not going anywhere as a starter. But no team wants a second- or third-string quarterback who cannot coexist peacefully with coaches and teammates, and who might take to social media to settle scores and create a minor uproar in the process.

The case shifted to New York, where the league had filed a lawsuit seeking to have Henderson’s ruling affirmed. Henderson upheld the suspension imposed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.jaguars_029

Just the ability to stay and practice at home during the week will be huge in preparing for whoever they face in the Super Bowl.

When a team gets a play like the “Minneapolis Miracle” to survive and advance in the NFL playoffs, you can’t help but think it’s a team of destiny. For starters, Case Keenum’s narrative is a little like Kurt Warner’s in terms of a higher-powered, feel-good story. You also can’t ignore the fact that they will be the first team positioned to play a Super Bowl on its home field.

Defense wins championships, and Minnesota has plenty of it on every level. — V.I.

“Colin Kaepernick’s goal has always been, and remains, to simply be treated fairly by the league he performed at the highest level for and to return to the football playing field,” a statement released by Kaepernick’s legal representatives said.

Kaepernick’s grievance accuses teams of conspiring to keep him out of work in violation of the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. And there was every reason to believe Sunday that he will remain so, given the postgame declaration by Packers coach Mike McCarthy that young backup Brett Hundley is his new starter at quarterback and third-stinger Joe Callahan moves up to second on the depth chart.

The NFL has independent medical personnel who can keep players off the field. But something is not working. Even if the NFL finds the Texans did not violate the protocol, that would simply be an indictment of the protocol.

“I just coach the team,” Bill O’Brien said when asked about Savage reentering the game, laying responsibility off to the Texans’ medical staff. That is the problem: The NFL and its teams have not made protecting dangerously concussed players, even the ones most obviously and likeliest to be impacted by brain injury, a priority.

The end of the Jaguars’ victory over the Seahawks was ugly and could lead to discipline, Sean Quinton writes. Michael Bennett sparked a fight by diving at an offensive lineman’s knees in victory formation, and the scuffle led to the ejections of Sheldon Richardson and Quinton Jefferson. Things took a nasty turn when Jefferson tried to climb into the stands to confront a fan who had thrown a drink at him on his way into the locker room. “What would you do?” Jefferson asked reporters. Those fans should be banned from the stadium if not prosecuted. But, man, you can’t go climbing into the crowd. Jefferson will probably get suspended, and it would be justified, even if he’s also worthy of sympathy.